Saturday, June 23, 2007

From the "I feel fantastic" video

Here's the re-rendered version of the video Demetrius did for the Popular Science Magazine contest.

And stills of some of the details you might have missed...

The "driving pill"--ain't it adorable?

No messages? Ask your Doctor about MessageX!

On the wall in the cubicle--

--a picture of the "half pony/half monkey" monster. Demetrius actually made that out of other stuffed animals (kind of disturbing to see the stuffed horse head lying on the couch in our office) and it now lives in our daughter's room. Well, if you can call that a life...

From the sign featuring the "pretty girl that I met at the pharmacy"...

Line too long? Ask your doctor about Cutzies. Available in oral doses and suppositories. So, if YOU are tired of waiting, you can take a pill or stick it up your butt!

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