Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Updating the My Left Wing Store

Originally posted at My Left Wing on January 18

I mentioned in the first comment of yesterday's Question of the Day that I was working on the My Left Wing store. I had this idea a while ago when I was considering making another donation to this site. But any monetary donation our family can afford would necessarily be small. Having worked on our own Cafe Press (and other "print on demand" stores) over the past couple years, I have reached a point in the learning curve where I believe that I can actually help make this store profitable over time. That way it could be a "recurring donation" of sorts.

Why I'm doing this... Maryscott mentioned toward the bottom of her post here that the writers' strike could be expected to do some serious damage to her family's finances. Also, I've had this "I need to make things better at MLW" drive for some time now.

Click the image below to see some of the new designs. You'll notice that most of them are rather generic "leftie" designs rather than being specific to My Left Wing. I have every confidence that, over time, this store could by quite successful independent of the support of the MLW community. But with your support, that can happen much faster.

"There is no Planet B" tote bag, available at the My Left Wing Store

I don't even mean supporting it by buying stuff, although, of course that would be great. But I would appreciate suggestions of more liberal slogans I can add.

Right now my focus is just to get a buttload of designs up, complete with tags/keywords so that they can be found in the marketplace. So we're not planning to do anything with the design aspects of the store any time soon. I say this, because I can just imagine someone suggesting that. :p

Also, I haven't put all the designs on all the available items. Buttons, for example, are more of a PITA to do than just slapping the same graphic on all the available clothing items. So if a design you like is not currently available on an item you want, please drop me a note at ohiorenee(at) and I'll take care of that.

P.S. Some of these designs are also available at Printfection and myleftwing (Zazzle gallery)

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StickerGiant said...

The only problem with Cafe Press Zazzle is that the quality is not very good. I wish these print-on-demand places could get enough ink on fabric to last longer than 1 season being used.